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Product ID: LGH30HA2R1190Z3PII
BOXED SET (4) 30mm LGH30 long body bearings and (2) 1190mm rails
In Stock: 6
BOXED SET (4) 30mm LGH30 long body bearings and (2) 1190mm rails

What this boxed set includes:

  • WE WILL NOT CUT THIS MATERIAL.  You must use it at the length it is or cut it yourself after you receive it!
  • Two pieces of LGR30 (standard rail with thru holes for top mounting) measuring 1190mm in length. RL = 1190mm
  • Four LGH30HAZ3P bearings.  This is the "long body" square type bearing, and each bearing has four threaded mounting holes.
  • This is a "factory matched" set that Hiwin made for a specific customer (we don't know who that is). 
  • The bearings have the HEAVY Z3 preload. For more information about what preload means, click here .
  • Hiwin recommends this particular preload for use on machining centers, grinding machines, milling machines and Z axis machines where heavy loads can be expected.
  • NOTE:  This material is Hiwin's "P" (precision) classification.  Most Hiwin products sold in the USA have the "H" (high accuracy) classification.  This is a notch above, and with this precision, bearings are installed on the rail at the factory.  To get more technical information about these and other Hiwin products in the AG and LG families, download the technical manual here (PDF, 79 pages, 1MB).

List Price: $1,098.00
Price: $549.00

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