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Product ID: LY150340ELC2B02P51
NSK 15mm linear bearing/rail
In Stock: 71
NSK 15mm linear bearing/rail

Originally supplied to Palomar Technologies, Newport Corporation, Ibex Engineering.

  • NSK LY15 series bearing and rail combination
  • Quantity of TWO Size 15 Blocks and ONE 340mm length rail
  • Flange type blocks with four threaded mounting holes
  • Rail mounting holes are 60mm apart with 20mm E dimension at each end.
  • P5 grade high precision preloaded assembly with Z1 (slight) preload
  • Suitable for but not limited to machining centers, grinders, lathes, milling machines, drilling & boring machines, woodworking machinery, industrial robotics, many types of semiconductor and medical equipment
  • Unused in original factory boxes.  Brand new...PERFECT.
  • Note:  any discoloration and/or foreign material appearing in photos is GREASE.  These units are coated in grease and sealed in plastic packages inside of their boxes.  We removed one unit from its box and wiped it down, but some residue remains.

List Price: $234.26
Price: $85.00

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