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Product ID: LY250647ALD4W02P52
NSK 25mm linear bearing/rail
In Stock: 11
NSK 25mm linear bearing/rail

  • NSK LY25 series bearing and rail combination. LY25 bearings in the AL size/type.
  • Quantity of FOUR size 25 bearing blocks and ONE 647mm length of rail
  • Square type blocks with four mounting holes
  • P5 grade high precision preloaded assembly with Z2 (medium) preload
  • Suitable for but not limited to machining centers, grinders, lathes, milling machines, drilling and boring machines, woodworking machinery, industrial robotics, many types of semiconductor and medical equipment. 
  • Blocks and rail treated with electrolytic rust prevention (black color) for maximum corrosion resistance.  Note that LY25 bearings also come equipped with metal scrapers.
  • Factory NEW in original packaging.  Products are very carefully wrapped and coated in oil/grease for protection

List Price: $959.90
Price: $234.00

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