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Product ID: SH350756GLC2W01P63
FOUR NSK SH35 bearings and TWO 756mm rails
In Stock: 25
FOUR NSK SH35 bearings and TWO 756mm rails


These combination packages offer some of NSK's finest linear guideway products.

  • FOUR bearing blocks (SH35 flange style) included. 
  • TWO pieces of matching rail measuring 756mm each included.
  • These are ultra-quiet design products.  Very smooth.
  • Extra heavy duty
  • Four-row bearing construction
  • Medium preload
  • PLEASE OBSERVE that we do NOT have any additional rails available in this material.  We approached NSK about possible purchasing rail so we could cut exact lengths, but the price was prohibitive.  You can butt these guideways together to obtain greater lengths, but that might leave you with bearings you won't use.  In other words, you can take the two 756mm rails you get and put them end-to-end to get a single 1512mm rail, but you might not want or need four bearings on this.  For the price, you might want to consider butting the rail and putting away the unused carriages for spares down the road.

    Understand that IF you butt up these rails, you will have an "odd" measure where the joints occur.  Each 756 rail has 18mm "E" dimension, so that means you will have 36mm hole spacing across joints.  There is nothing wrong with this, but it means the standard 80mm "P" dimension will not be maintained across the joint.  We also recommend that if you are joining rails you should NOT predrill mounting holes.  Wait until you receive the products and drill and mount at that point.

    In short, you can butt these rails up to get longer lengths.  It will NOT be true butt joints in the sense that the standard rail mounting hole distance will be maintained where joints occur.  With sensible care in installation you should be able to get smooth transitions very easily...which is also aided by the size of the material itself (it is easier to get smooth transitions from rail to rail with bigger sizes like 35mm than it is will smaller sizes such as 15mm).
  • Want to know more about these items?  Check out these links:
IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTE (for those ordering these guideways from outside the USA)!  These are heavy products.  Packaging for two rails and four bearings measures 38" (965mm) x 12" (305mm) x 5" (127mm), and gross weight is 48 lbs. (22 kg).  We generally utilize FedEx International ECONOMY for out-of-country shipping, and we will contact you with final cost before charging your card.

List Price: $1,100.00
Price: $199.00

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