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SHIPPING OUTSIDE THE USA...United States Postal Service
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The United States Postal Service provides the most economical shipping worldwide for packages meeting the following criteria:

  • Packages do not exceed 42" in length (1066mm). What this also means is that the items that are being shipped should not exceed about 40" in length (1016mm); we have to have room to pad the ends of items going into the shipping tubes or boxes.
  • Your shipment does not exceed 66 lbs. (Note: some countries may have other weight limits/restrictions. Go to the USPS site like shown below to find learn about specific rules that might apply to your country.)
  • To get an estimate of what it will cost to get your package delivered this way, click here.
    • Select your country/location from the dropdown.
    • Make sure you have selected the "PACKAGE" option for shipping.
    • Type in the approximate weight of your package. With some items, like Hiwin blocks and rail, you can get accurate weights from our website. For other items, you'll have to make an educated guess.
    • Click on "CONTINUE" go get estimated costs and delivery times.
    • Note the following: This is an ESTIMATE...not a final cost. Final cost will be determined from package weight with your items + the box/tube/crate and other packaging materials.
    • We will add a 10% surcharge to the shipping for the additional paperwork we have to fill out.
  • When we fill out the paperwork, we have to state what the package contains and its value. We will NOT falsify or "fudge" on this. We will accurately list the contents and the value will reflect what you paid for the items in USD.
  • You will be responsible for paying all customs, duties, taxes and any other fees required by your country. You should investigate these potential charges before placing an order.

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