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Hiwin AG Linear Guideways

Understanding Part Numbers

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Here is a typical part number for an AG bearing block:

AGW 20 SA Z0 H E1

And here's how to break down the individual sections:

  •  AG: this is the major designation for the HIWIN medium duty linear block line

  •  W: this indicates a flange type bearing block. Another possibility for this location is "H" and that would mean a square-type bearing block.

  •  20: This is the size of the block. It really refers to the width of the rail on which the blocks slides. The AG line includes several sizes ranging from 15mm - 30mm.

  •  S: Load type. "S" means a short, two-hole mount block suitable for medium loads. "C" means a standard configuration, four-hole mount block for heavy loads.

  •  A: Block mounting type. "A" means that items attach to the block from ABOVE via threaded holes in the block. "B" means that there is a thru-hole and a bolts go through the block from the bottom. "C" means versatile mounting from either the top or the bottom. Click here for more information.

  •  Z0: Bearing "preload." This describes how snugly the bearing fits to the rail or the amount of "drag" it has. Automation Overstock only carries the two most common preloads: Z0 and Z1. Z0 means VERY LIGHT preload. Z1 means LIGHT preload. For all intents & purposes, there's very little difference between these two designations. Click here for more info.

  •  H: Precision code/accuracy standards. The most common designation you'll find is "H" which means High tolerence. We have a few blocks in the next classification up with the "P" designation which stands for Precision.

  •  E1: This won't always be included in a part number, but it is a very nice feature found on many of the blocks we acquired in our buyout. It means the block has a reservoir and is self-lubricating. These blocks can also use the traditional grease fitting, as well.

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