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SHIPPING OUTSIDE THE USA...Taxes, Customs, Duties, Fees
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Our specialty is finding and selling BARGAINS related to AUTOMATION. We are not experts in international law or in the fine points of commerce, taxes, customs, duties and the myriad other fees that could be collected on a package coming into your country. For these reasons, we take the following positions:

  • It is your responsibility to pay for Taxes, Customs, Duties, Tariffs and any other Fees that may be required at the time you accept or claim your shipment. Put another way, we will not collect and pay upfront any of these types of charges.

  • We will accurately and honestly list and report EXACTLY what is in your shipment and EXACTLY what you paid for it in USD. We are an honest company and we will only do business in an honest way. We will not falsify any records so that someone can save a few dollars on shipping.

  • Before you place an order, you should investigate any such charges imposed by your country, state or locality. Maybe you routinely get shipments from out-of-country and you are aware of what's involved. But if you are doing this for the first time, you may be surprised. It is ESSENTIAL that you contact your government's agencies to find out what will be required of you.


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