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Product ID: LGH35HA2R1195Z0CII
BOXED SET (4) 35mm LGH35 long body bearings and (2) 1195mm rails
In Stock: 16
BOXED SET (4) 35mm LGH35 long body bearings and (2) 1195mm rails

What this boxed set includes:

  • WE WILL NOT CUT THIS MATERIAL.  You must use it at the length it is or cut it yourself after you receive it!
  • Two pieces of LGR35 (standard rail with thru holes for top mounting) measuring 1195mm in length. RL = 1195mm
  • Four LGH35HAZ0C bearings.  This is the "long body" square type bearing, and each bearing has four threaded mounting holes.
  • This is a "factory matched" set that Hiwin made for a specific customer (we don't know who that is). 
  • The bearings have the VERY LIGHT Z0 preload. For more information about what preload means, click here .
  • NOTE:  This material is Hiwin's "C" (standard accuracy) classification.  Most Hiwin products sold in the USA have the "H" (high accuracy) classification.  This is a notch below, and we have found that it is commonly used on machines built in Asia and Europe. It should be fine for use on most machines including a home-use CNC router.
  • To get more technical information about these and other Hiwin products in the AG and LG families, download the technical manual here (PDF, 79 pages, 1MB).

List Price: $852.00
Price: $426.00

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