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Product ID: LGW20
20mm Bearing Block, Flange
In Stock: 0
20mm Bearing Block, Flange

  • LGW20 size bearings are NO LONGER AVAILABLE! 
  • LGW20 is the generic part number for Hiwin "flange-type" bearings in the LG20 product line.

You are urged to consider a swap to the current-production Hiwin HGW20 bearings and corresponding rail.  These are available through our website and store at www.automation4less.com.

Note that you cannot install the new HGW20 bearings on the old LG20 rail.  YOU MUST CHANGE OUT FOR THE ENTIRE GUIDEWAY SYSTEM OF BEARINGS AND RAILS.

By doing this, the changeover is quite seamless.  Rail and bearing dimensions as well as mounting hole positions match up for the HG and LG products of a given size.  

Please read description above!
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